Company History

In the Biedermeier period, Austria had a leading position in the art of manufacturing the finest embroideries. For many years, Maria Stransky has produced a wide range of products that are all based on this handicraft in her own manufactory. The array of products ranges from evening bags and pictures to jewels such as brooches and pendants.
Under the rule of Austrian Empress Maria Theresia, the ladies at the Viennese royal household passed time by stitching petit point.
In order to prevent this tradition from falling into oblivion, Maria Stransky founded a petit point manufactory with its premises in the Viennese Imperial Palace in 1932, where it can still be found today.
The manufactory is in Pouthongasse in the 15th district in Vienna; here, the preparatory works are carried out so that the embroiderers are able to create their small pieces of art.

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